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June 18, 2017:  Webcasting is one of the most cost effective ways of getting your message to a wide spread audience, within the City, Province or Country – virtually anywhere in the world! We offer the hardware (PTZ cameras, controllers and the new Datavideo NVS-25) as well as the expertise to manage the hardware, and broadcast your meeting to everyone you want to reach!

May 26, 2017:   Techies everywhere are excited when they get a hold of one of our new Datavideo DAC-70 Convertors, offering up, down, cross abilities as well as embedding features.  Whether going from VGA or SDI to HDMI or SDI to VGA or HDMI, or if you want to get audio into that HDMI feed, you have it all with this little magic box! These adapters can quickly save your day!

May 2, 2017:  To go along with our new Touch Screen collection, consider our Peerless Angled Touch Screen Kiosk cart – a sturdy yet attractive addition to your booth, for interactive presentations at a comfortable working angle.

April 13, 2017:  New Touch Screens now in stock! Commercial quality 42″ BenQ 6-Point Multi-Touch, 42″ HP Single Touch, and LG 47″ 9-Point Touch available for your next interactive presentation!

April 10, 2017:  Sennheiser!  Widely agreed to be the highest quality wireless microphone systems available! Available in large quantities for your next event!

April 7, 2017: Just arrived! LG 47″ Touch Screen!  Complementing our 55″ NEC PrimeTOUCH units, this fully commercial LG Touch is designed from the ground up as a 10-Touch Screen, and offers smooth movement without ghosting.

April 3, 2017: Very cool! Wireless HDMI extenders available that allow you to place your displays at various locations without running any cables – up to 200m away! A quick and effective solution!

April 1, 2017: Webcasting Services now available at CTR!  Soon to be marketed through our Webcasting subsidiary, we provide complete turn-key solutions. Please contact our webcasting specialist at CTR for further information.

March 22, 2017: 98″ NEC on screenlifter was a big hit at the International Car Show! Think about this solution for your next event!

March 15, 2017: Yes we have Apple MacBooks! The newest Macbook Pro Retina Touchbar units are now available in rentals, including 4GB discrete video, Final Cut Pro X, and the newest Office suite!

March 12, 2017Did you know that CTR offers 2-way radio solutions? The Motorola Mag One BPR-40 is a portable and very compact radio that will keep you and the team on the same page at any event!

March 4, 2017: The brand new HP Laserjet 533n is now on the rental shelves, offering 1200×1200 resolutions and business class performance!

February 23, 2017: Panasonic large venue projectors are our flagship specialty! 12K and 20K units, with all of the lense options will make your shows standout!

February 15, 2017: When your require a stage backdrop that will captivate an audience in high resolution, go no further than our 16′ x 9′ Panasonic videowall – comprised of 16 panels of very thin bezel 55″ HD monitors!

February 4, 2017: Displays of all sizes from 24″ to 98″ are ready for your show – and videowalls beyond that! CTR has the biggest selection in Western Canada!

January 18, 2017: PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras are the way to go for many events requiring live action video. Saves the cost of an operator, and can be tripod or truss mounted! We carry the entire DataVideo product line!

January 9, 2017: Roland Video Switchers, available in both HDMI and SDI versions. Huge results from this small form factor video switcher. And yes, we are a Roland dealer!

January 1, 2017: Happy New Year to all of our clients! We look forward to a great year with all of you, as we continue our journey to becoming the best go-to A/V/Tech rental house in Western Canada!

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