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  3. 2×2 Video Wall Display Cart with Micro Adjustment Arms

2×2 Video Wall Display Cart with Micro Adjustment Arms


Product Highlights:

The Entegrade 2×2 Video Wall Display Cart makes it possible to construct video walls in prominent locations for temporary applications.

Designed for easy setup to keep event pricing low, 2 x 2 video wall cart can mount four flat panel displays ranging from  our 46″ NEC units to the  55″ Panasonic Videowall panels – giving you a 96″ to 110″ diagonal display – sure to grab your viewer’s interest!

The arms have micro adjustment knobs, which allow you to fine tune the leveling and horizontal positioning, without the need to disassemble the cart.

With heavy-duty, lockable casters, the cart is safe and easy to move over various flooring surfaces, making it the ultimate video wall solution.

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