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Panasonic Videowall 55″ 2 x 2 on Rolling Stand 110″

Model: VW5522

Product Highlights:

A perfect video wall solution that can be quickly transported and set up on site, and providing an eye-catching 110″ diagonal 16:9 format thin-bezel display.

The aluminum floor cart can be easily repositioned at the venue without dismantling the display, allowing for perfect placement (Note: the stand we use is the silver aluminum style in the photos – not the black base pictured)

The 4 display panels are PanasonicTH55LFV50 units – a great videowall choice with a high visibility finish and offering full 1080p resolution. They are combined into a BlackBox Videoplex4 Distribution Amplifier, which facilitates plug and play ease from your provided content source (Display Port, DVI, or HDMI). No additional configuration is required – it simply acts as an extension display to your content laptop.

Order this Package as a single SKU – VW5522.

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