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Panasonic Data Projector – 3500 Lumens PT-RZ370U LASER DLP Projector – WUXGA

Model: PRPA04

Product Highlights:

The future is here! Full HD 1920×1080 resolution via the Panasonic “SOLID SHINE” LED/Laser combined light source!

From the moment you turn on the projector, you’ll notice the difference with the quick on and immediate full brightness. No more lamps and air filters, which lets you enjoy maintenance-free use for about 20,000 hours while maintaining excellent brightness and picture quality and because the PT-RZ370U does not use a lamp, has an efficient cooling system, it is capable of 24/7 continuous operation.

The PT-RZ370U projector delivers 3,500 lumens of brightness and the rate of brightness deterioration in the LED/Laser-combined light source is extremely slow compared to lamp based projectors. The SOLID SHINE drive uses a built-in sensor to constantly detect the light intensity of the light source and correct corresponding changes in white balance. This all helps to maintain excellent picture quality for a long period of time. Contrast is outstanding too, at 10,000:1, and images are reproduced with a wide dynamic range. The PT-RZ370U features a Full-HD (1920 x 1080) DLP chip, allowing highly detailed Full-HD images without resizing and it also comes standard with a 1.46-2.94:1 2× zoom lens so it can throw a 120-inch-diagonal wide screen image from approximately 12.8 to 25.7 feet.

Also, because control signals can be simultaneously transmitted, the ET-YFB100G input signal can easily be switched with the wireless remote control that is included with the projector. The projector can be controlled by either serial or LAN communication. The LAN terminal allows a computer connected to the network to use Crestron RoomView application software to manage and control system devices.

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